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Your Awesome Superstore

January 2, 2020

How Superstore got so good


The reasons to make The Office’s heir apparent your new comfort food sitcom of choice.


Superstore’s hugely diverse cast is one of TV’s best — and it’s packed with amazingly funny people




The most obvious forebear of Superstore is The Office. Superstore was created by Justin Spitzer, an Office vet, and it’s a story about a workplace with an off-the-wall boss (Mark McKinney’s Glenn), a will-they/won’t-they romance (between Amy and Ben Feldman’s Jonah), and a whole bunch of people who might rather be working anywhere else but are nonetheless relieved to have their low-wage jobs at Cloud 9.

As with The Office, Superstore’s characters have filled in around the show’s edges over time. The show began with a core cast of seven regulars (built around the long-simmering Jonah/Amy connection), but as peripheral characters continued to break out after being given a line or two here and there, more and more actors became part of the semi-central crew at Cloud 9, turning up in episode after episode. 


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